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Christel Mesey Art

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY - Light Language Meditations

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY - Light Language Meditations

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5 Days to UNLEASH your CREATIVITY and allow your SPARK to SHINE BRIGHTER.

It is time to get out of the gestation mode and get in motion! But to get in motion, one needs to feel motivated and free to move forward.

When proposing this series, my guides were playful by choosing Fool’s day to record the live to help us release self-judgment and censorship when bringing our projects and ideas to life.

“We would like you to connect with your uniqueness and quirks to see that your essence also resides within those quirks and uniqueness.”

“For some of you, it will be accepting those differences; for others, it will be a way to allow more of it in your expression. Your journey will be about unleashing your creativity so that you can expand a bit more your wings and true expression.

It will also help you channel your different ideas and give them structure and some good grounding so that you don’t get distracted by the number of ideas that come into your realm (whether yours or others).

It will also help you to channel your creativity in the way that can serve you best (through the guidance of your Soul and intuition).”

I’m pretty excited about this one! As a creative, I definitely need a bit of that focus to concentrate on the right idea at the right time!

But you may be more interested in the part about removing self-censorship or acceptance.

Or perhaps you want to create something and could benefit from stimulation or inspiration from your guides.

So if you feel called by one, some, or all of the above, it is time to make these 5 meditations yours!

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