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Self-made website assessment for solopreneurs by a web designer

Self-made website assessment for solopreneurs by a web designer

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Self-made website assessment by a web designer to help you ensure your website is clear and connects with your audience. Get improvement pointers to stay autonomous and learn how to expand the potency of your website.

Technically, it is fairly easy to create a website nowadays; however, as a solopreneur, having the "client" perspective can be difficult. Your friends or family may love it, which is great, but they know you and often know that you do. They and you lack perspective from a total stranger.

I've been creating websites for solopreneurs for over a decade, and creating my own was the trickiest website I had to work on because I knew what I offered but didn't yet know the language my clients would use to search for my services. 

With this Self-made website assessment offer, I'll check your website to ensure that the messages are consistent and clear about who it is for and what you offer. I’ll do so wearing my designer glasses and copywriter hat. I'll then send you video feedback with pointers to help you fine-tune your website.

How does the self-made website assessment work?

  1. In your cart, fill in the section called "Order Special Instructions" where to add your website URL in your cart.
  2. Proceed to check out.
  3. Within 5 working days, you will receive video feedback about our website in your mailbox, including potential pointers to what to improve or correct and validation of what works well.

What will I assess?

You can use these questions to do a first self-check :)


  • Does your website speak to a specific audience/clients?
  • Is your offer clearly articulated?
  • Is there enough/too much text?
  • Is the content engaging?


  • Is your branding consistent?
  • Are the fonts easy to read?
  • Is it mobile-friendly?
  • Are the images and layout conveying the right message?
  • Is it dynamic and engaging?

Client journey

  • Is the navigation easy and clear, or do I get lost in a maze?
  • Does the amount of information lead me to contact or buy from you or learn from the wealth of information you created but rarely become a client?
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