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Christel Mesey Art

Connecting with your body - Light Language Activation

Connecting with your body - Light Language Activation

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Take the time to connect with your Earthly vehicle, to make one with it, and to recognize its power.

There are very few people have full consciousness of their body power. If you are one of them, kudos to you, but if, like me, you used to feel disconnected from your human skin or chose to be disconnected from your body or to protect it from harm, you will enjoy this meditation.

Through LIGHT LANGUAGE and English-speaking channeling, this meditation will take you on a journey to expand your understanding of your body’s magical capacities and its role in helping you to connect with other beings (whatever their realm is) and feel safe to do so.

Too often, one sees the body as an annoyance, something we have to cope with, something that doesn’t look like how we want or see ourselves.

The separation between our soul and body has been imprinted in our minds for ages, at times with the body’s natural way of sharing love turned into a taboo and a sin. More recently, the separation is increasing with the dysmorphia of social media filters and the “visual enhancement” of our faces and body through AI.

No matter the past experiences that lead you to disconnect from your body or reject its appearance, it is time to reconnect with your entire being, to be the one deciding it deserves love exactly how it is and how it will become as it is bound to evolve with time.

Your Soul chose an Earthly experience. Connecting with your body will offer you the means and tools to embody and live that experience fully.



How do I access my program?
Once your order is completed, you will receive within the next 5 to 10 minutes a confirmation email from containing your login information and the link to the capsule page where you will find the video and audio of the session and be able to download the audio recording.

To access the online experience, you need to be able to connect to the internet from your mobile, laptop, or desktop.

Do I need to listen to this meditation in particular conditions?

  • When it comes to meditation, you definitely don’t want to be driving or doing something that requires your attention. Ideally, you want to create a quiet space for yourself for about an hour to enjoy the meditation and journal afterward.

Can I play the content in group settings?

  • No, it is for your consumption only. Should you want to make a public session out of this content, please get in touch with the author out of respect for her work, the time and love put into crafting this content, and the personal dedication needed to reach a point where she could become a conduit for these channelings.

Refund policy

  • As the content is digital and you get direct access to it, no refund will be taken into account.

Medical Disclaimer

  • This content should not be seen as medical advice.
  • You are responsible for your health and for the doctors and medicine, you want to connect with.
  • This does not replace therapies.
  • The content does not interfere with any medical treatments.
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