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Liberating Mislead Loyalties - Ancestral and Past Life Business Freedom Meditations

Liberating Mislead Loyalties - Ancestral and Past Life Business Freedom Meditations

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Mislead loyalties can be a major block when it comes to seeing your business flourishing; it is time to free yourself and open the gate to success.

Plenty of unconscious vows we build for ourselves can block our evolution.

One can be the loyalties we vowed to our family, friends or society, and others can be nested in past lives.

They can show up in the form of beliefs or patterns. Here are some examples of misleading loyalties that may play out in your field:

  • In another spiritual lifetime, you took a vow of poverty while you were involved in priesthood, healing, devotion, and other similar practices.
  • You made a silent commitment to maintain your family’s social status, including their wealth, societal positioning, caste, etc.
  • Your inner child pledged to remain small to spare loved ones from discomfort, self-judgment, or pain.
  • You unknowingly pledged to conform to societal expectations and maintain a “good” image.
  • You promised yourself to stand by someone you love, even if it means sacrificing your well-being.
  • You felt it was your duty to sacrifice yourself for others’ happiness or support and make more compromises with your well-being than you should (what I nicknamed for myself the MMotherTheresa syndrome).
  • You remain stuck and loyal to your vision about how things should be or unfold.
  • You remain loyal to a past version of yourself.

All these commitments and allegiances are causing resistance in your life, and it’s time to release them to evolve freely.

During 54 minutes, you will receive inspiration from my business guides (aka invisible co-creators) and bathed in a new energy field, helping you to connect with the frequency of liberation, instilling the energy of what could be possible if you feel free to be yourself and follow your dreams and needs.

The program is available online with VIDEO recording, and you can download the audio version to save it into your music library for lifetime access.

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