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Christel Mesey Art

Light Language Frequency Medicine: Inner Safety Expansion

Light Language Frequency Medicine: Inner Safety Expansion

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Inner Safety Expansion with Light Language Frequency Medicine

Boost your body and nervous system and sense of inner safety by increasing the frequencies of trust, inner power, and intuition while eliminating any collective trauma related to a lack of safety from your DNA through Light Language Frequency Medecine. This will also address any energetic imprints affecting your root chakra and survival mode.

Frequency Medicine utilises Light Language meditations and activations to release feelings of insecurity and trauma from your DNA structure and tap into the healing energies of past civilizations.

By focusing on the needs of the first chakra, this practice gently guides you from a state of insecurity to one of trust. It can be used in conjunction with other methods such as soma practices, breathwork, and more to aid in unpacking stress and trauma stored in the nervous system.

The Frequency Medicine for Personal Expansion Series is a collection of Light Language meditations and activations designed to upgrade your energy and connect you with uplifting and transformative frequencies.




What is Light Language

In short, it is the sound form of channelled healing and activating energies.

The word language in the term “Light Language” can be confusing as it makes us think about actual language with words and sentences.

Light Language is a generic term describing using the tong (Lingua in Latin) to create sound. It usually implies that you do so from a heart-centred standpoint.

While some use this term to describe galactic, ancient, or forgotten language (which is a possibility), I use it to describe SOUND MEDICINE.

Sound medicine helps you to bypass the logical mind (the one that wants to understand and control) and the analytical mind (the one who wants to understand everything) to allow change. 

It gently dissolves the resistance, transgenerational, ancestral and past life “debris” to allow you to evolve and experience more joy.

It gently activates or reactivates dormant gifts and resources to allow you to upgrade your being with new energies and insight benefiting your life.

It helps you to integrate and remember who you are at your core essence.


What is Channelling

To my today’s perception and how I experience it, channelling is about connecting with benevolent co-creators.

The Universe is vast. It is larger than one can imagine and includes many things and beings our eyes might not see.

It took me a while to get to know and work with energies I couldn’t see. Just like building human friendships, I had to learn to trust them. It also took me a while to understand how I worked with them.

Today, as they mentioned in one meditation of this program, I understand we are co-working from different times and spaces to support positive change for individuals, such as confidence growth, connection to your intuition and voice freedom. 

We do not work with names, but I can feel their energy imprint, different tones of voice and accents (and you will likely hear these too).

I’m quite thankful for the challenge given to embrace my messenger role as I learn as much as I share!


Refund policy

As this program can be uploaded in MP3 format, no refund is applicable.


Can I play the content in group settings?

No, it is for your consumption only.

Should you want to make a public session out of this content, please get in touch with the author out of respect for her work, the time and love put into crafting this content, and the personal dedication needed to reach a point where she could become a conduit for these channelings.

Can the frequency medicine replace an ongoing medical treatment or therapy


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