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Feminine Energy Workbook & Recorded Meditation - Release the Fury!

Feminine Energy Workbook & Recorded Meditation - Release the Fury!

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Release the anger of the feminine energy from your being.

So often, the feminine part of a being is impacted by beliefs, social clichés, and transgenerational wounds.

As a woman, it can make it difficult to embrace your feminity and qualities, making you judge your every action and thought from a distorted lens. But it can also prevent you from tapping into the beautiful attributes of the feminine and the masculine.

Patriarchal attitudes have left as many scars in our belief system as the damsel in distress cliché many women embraced from childhood, reading or watching stories of princesses that needed saving. And that even if we are free-thinking or autonomous women today.

As a result, self-love and self-respect might be challenging to maintain.

This journal will take you on a series of symbolic gestures (or rituals) and myth-buster to release the anger stored in your feminine energy so that it can feel more at peace and ultimately start to co-create more easily with your masculine power. The ultimate goal is that both your masculine and feminine energy enjoy sharing their power equally (not at the same time, but when one strength or quality can serve your being) and in harmony.

  • This booklet will offer you various opportunities:
  • Transformation
  • Forgiveness
  • Inner peace
  • Internal union (unity)
  • Self-trust
  • Inner-strength
  • Joy
  • Inner communication
  • Self-understanding

Through a series of five rituals, I will walk you through a process to debunk your beliefs about feminine energy and help you to gain inner peace.



  • 1 Digital workbook of 33 pages
  • 1x 35 minutes Light Language and Feminine Lineage Healing Meditation video recording to download (URL inside the workbook)



Chapter 1:  
Feminine energy myth buster

  • Let's talk about the feminine energy
  • My personal referential of the feminine
  • Feminine and Masculine Energy Poles
  • What is your new vision of your feminine energy?
  • Free your being from the judgment you may have toward your feminine energy

Chapter 2: 
Let the fury speak her mind and express her frustration and anger.

  • Acknowledging the fury, frustrations and anger!
  • Write down your fury frustration.

Chapter 3: 
Release the fury from anger through creative expression and fire!

  • Use your hand to release the anger.

Chapter 4: 
Forgiveness between the feminine and masculine energies

  • Bring peace to your polarities
  • Dear Feminine Energy
  • Your feminine energy apologies to your masculine energy
  • Dear Masculine Energy
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Create forgiveness

Chapter 5: 
Integrate your feminine energy

  • A meditation to integrate and celebrate your work
  • Journaling about your meditation



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