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Christel Mesey Art

Divine Feminine Notebook l Hardcover Journal l 121 Dotted Pages

Divine Feminine Notebook l Hardcover Journal l 121 Dotted Pages

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Express your thoughts and ideas with this Divine Feminine Notebook with dotted pages.

Ideal for journaling or keeping a bullet journal the Divine Feminine Notebook is a great way to reconnect with the potent energy of the Divine Feminine, and this notebook is here to help. Its Light Language illustration is a beautiful tool that can assist you in this journey, regardless of gender. 

Activating your full potential and balancing your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies can help you feel more complete and in harmony. Instead of competing within you, these energies can co-create in a way that brings out the best in you. 

The feminine energy can bring many gifts and talents to your life, such as stimulating an integrative leadership mindset, whether it's with your team or children, knowing how to support others' talents, facilitating mediation or diplomatic moves, respecting the rhythm of the cycle, and tapping into your flow better, among others.

Divine Feminine Notebook Cover channelling:

The lover, the friend, the mother, the sister, the daughter, the tiger, the warrior, the crazy, the benevolent, the medicine women, the wild, the untamed, the victim, the discreet, the extravagant… Women have so many facets: those we like and those we don’t, those we are ashamed of, and those that make us feel guilty depending on our wounds and sometimes our education. This code is an invitation to reconnect with your inner woman, to accept and embrace it fully, good and bad. To embrace your power.


Divine Feminine Notebook Details

  • 121 dotted pages
  • Dimensions US Trade 6x9 in (15,2 x 22,9 cm
  • Paper type 60# white

Divine Feminine Notebook Production and Shipping

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