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Connecting with YOUR LOVE FREQUENCY - Light Language Meditations

Connecting with YOUR LOVE FREQUENCY - Light Language Meditations

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3 Days to connect with YOUR LOVE FREQUENCY

“Your heart is not broken nor wounded; it has never been!”

Trust me, my ego was ready to say otherwise, but my guides continued:

“Of course, you felt pain and hurt, but your heart is complete anyway. The wounds you felt didn’t engrave your heart, but they did imprint your different chakras. So let’s connect to your healthy heart and its strength to free your chakras from the past wounds and the patterns they created.”

I was surprised by the channeling, but I played along as always. I realized long ago that my guides know why and how they can support us better than my resisting ego :). And they gifted us with a fantastic journey. They walked us through the patterns and wounds stuck in chakras and guided us toward empowerment and trust in our hearts.

Many of us are terrified about love because we FEAR losing control, losing ourselves to someone else, and fear rejection, loss, or hurt. We may allow it from a handful of people, but to protect ourselves, we try to rationalize it by labeling it into romance, family, friends, or other labels.

As a result, we deny ourselves the power of love, from compassion to a simple smile.

But beyond the fear of loving, there is also a fear of ALLOWING LOVE IN, as many of us experienced love from a conditional or even transactional perspective. These concepts take their source in our childhood by simply hearing things like, “mummy loves when you are a good girl, quiet, have good grades, etc.”, “I love you; you are making me…”, “you are so loveable when…”

These sentences said, most times quite innocently, imprinted in our children’s brains that one can only love us because of what we make them feel or what we do for them.

Therefore it is hard to believe one can love us for no reason.

And the truth is, we also have projections about what love SHOULD LOOK LIKE or be DEMONSTRATED.

However, it is not a fatality because the more you connect to YOUR LOVE FREQUENCY, the more you can connect with your soul family and guides.

Your HEART IS AN ANTENNA to connect with your guides and soul family. It is the place where you filter and INTEGRATE information. This is why you want to heal your different chakras from wounds so that you can see, receive and share clearly from a place of LOVE.

To sum up, allowing ourselves to love and be loved is a process, and my guides are extremely excited to offer you a JOURNEY INTO YOUR LOVE FREQUENCY throught LIGHT LANGUAGE MEDITATIONS.



Day 1

  • Meet your HEALD HEART, its wisdom, and its warmth. It traveled through the 3 LOWER CHAKRAS to heal old patterns and memories.

Day 2

  • Continue the journey with 2 UPPER CHAKRAS and connect to YOUR UNIQUE LOVE FREQUENCY to get to know it a bit more.

Day 3

  • Complete the journey of your HEAL HEART up to your CROWN CHAKRA and connect with your GUIDES and UNIVERSE’S (or SOURCE’SLOVE.
  • Liberate your heart density and TRUST IN ITS POWER.


  • For each program day, you can choose either the VIDEO version of the MEDITATION or the AUDIO version.
  • You also get a JOURNAL TEMPLATE if you want to write down your thoughts after the meditations (always a good way to help integrate what you experienced).



  • Within 5 min after your purchase, you will receive an email with your login detail for the membership platform.
  • You will then have access instantly to the Welcome page, the journal download, and the DAY 01.
  • As you want to give yourself the time to integrate and feel what the meditation is working, the program will release one new day after 24h until the completion of the program.



Can I play the content in group settings?
  • No, it is for your consumption only. Should you want to make a public session out of this content, please contact the author out of respect for her work, the time and love put into crafting this content, and the personal dedication needed to reach a point where she could become a conduit for these channelings.
Refund policy
  • As the program is on a drip-based delivery, you can request a refund within 24h after your purchase (according to your order processing time stamp). 
Medical Disclaimer
  • This content should not be seen as medical advice.
  • You are responsible for your health and the doctors and medicine you want to connect with.
  • This does not replace therapies.
  • The content does not interfere with any medical treatments.
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