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Énergétique de la page de vente - Programme d'auto-formation - EN ANGLAIS

Énergétique de la page de vente - Programme d'auto-formation - EN ANGLAIS

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Attract the right people by connecting with your offer and your clients’ collective vibration.

Your offer is an energetic container!
But in its early stages, it can be very fragile. Let’s empower it so that you can create a potent and attractive sales page!

You may think that this fragility comes from external influences. Still, from my experience, our blockages and self-doubts prevent most ideas from being birthed and offer from reaching their audience.

In addition, the success of your offer depends on how aligned you are with its content, how you hold space for it, and how well you know your collective (aka clients).

I noticed that most of us instinctively know how to practice our art. What we rarely know naturally is how to put it into words.

Yes, I know that is complicated!

You want to find the right words, look professional, give enough information, yada yada…and your brain has taken the lead before you even know it.

Maybe you know that all too well and actively look for a way to remain connected to your heart’s guidance. Or, like many of my clients and myself, you first thought your mind knew best how to make apply someone else success template, pick words influenced by trends, marketing strategies or use AI…only to see that it wasn’t working.

The Sales Page Energetics program came out of two needs: a client’s need to get out of their head to tap into their creative flow and my need to get away from all the marketing techniques that made me cringe.

Getting out of the head….
Letting the heart guide…

That sounded unrealistic!

But trying the old ways was asking for so much mental and emotional energy and resulting in frustration and exhaustion.

Does that sound familiar?
Then you probably wonder how it could be different.
So, I do what I do best when I don’t know what to do anymore: I ASKED MY GUIDES!

And they answered! Quite potently, actually!


That was my guide’s answer.


Before even thinking about selling, your page should focus on building connections.


But to connect with your future clients, you must first consolidate your connection with your offer energetic container.

This program will help you to:

  • Consolidate your offer’s energetic container.
  • Connect with your collective vibration and needs.
  • Feel what connects you at heart level to your offer.
  • Find your words and style to create your sales page.
  • Understand the power of your authentic self for your clients.
  • Learn the codes of online design and information flow.
  • Understand the art of online conversation and connection.
  • Get a “sales page checklist” to ensure it contains all you need and connects with its reader.

Now, how do you create connection and resonance from a heart-centred place when creating a sales page?


  • Meet your offer and how you found each other.
  • Meet your collective (audience and clients) to understand what connects you.
  • Connect with your heart and soul rather than your mind.

This program will take you first on a journey of Light Language and Channelled Meditations to explore and feel your offer. You will be invited to JOURNAL (in written or audio form) to integrate your experience.

This will help you to gather the words, sentences, colours or images you need to create your page more fluidly.

Then, it will offer practical guidance on designing a page and placing information where it will be best seen. It will also give you pointers to support your storytelling and a checklist to ensure you are creating a connection with your content.

The cherry on the cake is that you will likely consolidate the energetic container your offer already is.

Some might even see clients showing up before they finalise their page (like some participants did), and you will be super clear and confident about your offer and capacity to hold space for it.


This is the goal of your sales page.

Yes, you could speak to everyone, but the truth is, there are some people that you can support better than others.

Speaking to them will help them find you.

Connecting with your offer and your collective will help you find the right words and form of expression to speak to them.



Light Language Meditations, Journaling and practical teachings

To help you get out of your head, I have recorded a series of Light Language Meditations where my invisible co-creators will offer insights and quite potent questions to reflect on. The process will be very organic and lead you to write your sales page when the time is right.

Now, to move from the ethereal world to the physical (or digital) realm and birth your page, I added practical information about graphic design and storytelling to help you create your sales page.

As I know that the mind is not used to being at the service of the heart, I added a bonus meditation to help you tune back with your heart whenever you are creating content to speak about your offer.


What's included?

  • Lifetime access to the content of the program
  • Light Language meditations
  • Journaling prompts
  • Practical Teachings


Follow your rhythm and access the content at your own pace!

We all have different rhythms and paces, so this program is designed to be flexible. There’s no strict timeline to follow, but to avoid feeling overwhelmed, the next chapter will only appear on your menu once you’ve completed the previous one.

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