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Animal Spirit Wisdom for Modern Days: Zoikos Online Oracle Deck

Animal Spirit Wisdom for Modern Days: Zoikos Online Oracle Deck

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Zoikos Oracle offers Animal Spirit Wisdom to inspire your modern-day life. This animal spirit oracle deck came to me as a surprise, a wonderful gift from the animal kingdom. Each animal's global consciousness wanted to share three messages through my writing and their Light Code activation through the illustrations I channelled.

Zoikos Oracle's supportive Animal Spirit Wisdom messages are amazing for self-reflection, growth, and self-awareness. In addition, each Animal Spirit conveyed Light Code frequency through the illustrations, which I had the honour of channelling.

The Zoikos Oracle philosophy is that finding one Animal Spirit Wisdom to guide you is not the only way to navigate life. You may have multiple Animal Spirits supporting you on your journey, and it's important to be open to that possibility. Many of us work with a whole zoo of animal spirits, just like animal totem poles suggest in many cultures!

I was lucky to get inspired by the animal kingdom. Through supportive messages for us, the 33 Animal Spirit Wisdom of the deck also wanted to let you know that they are seeing our evolution and wanted to share what their global consciousness learned from their evolution.

Zoikos Oracle and its Animal Spirit Wisdom will help you strengthen your connection to the animal kingdom. From my perspective, the more we expand our communication and consciousness amongst species on Earth, the more we tune in with respect, understanding, tolerance, and peace. In short, the more we connect to a world led by a healed heart. 

If you find the idea of a more peaceful and loving world too idealistic, then let's start by bringing more peace, love, and confidence into your lives. Small steps can lead to significant changes, and the Zoikos Oracle and its Animal Spirit Wisdom is here to help you take those steps, one card and one Light Code at a time.


How do I access my online Oracle Deck?

When you place an order for the digital deck, you will receive an email containing a link to access it. 

If you have an existing account with us, you can directly access the deck through the "My e-Sanctuary" menu. However, if you don't have an account yet, you will need to create one first. 

Once you have an account, you can access your digital deck by logging into your e-Sanctuary account. For easier access, you can bookmark the page on your mobile or computer.

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